Keep Animals Looking Fresh
Dildine’s Refresh with Crave-It is a high energy electrolyte that animals crave. It adds optimal fill, muscle, and bloom prior to show time. Being enhanced with Crave-It entices the animals to drink and eat the necessary amount of water and feed needed during long hauls and shows.

    • Option 1 (Best Method)
      Prior to Show: Feed 1oz. (1/2 scoop) per pig per day as a topdress 14 days prior to show.
      At the Show: Add 4oz. (2 scoops) per gallon of water and offer every 2-3 hours until maximum fill is reached. Also add Refresh water to stimulate appetite.
    • Option 2
      Prior to Show: Feed 2oz. (1 scoop) per pig per day as a topdress 3 days prior to show.
      At the Show: Same as Option 1
    • Option 3
      At the Show: Same as Option 1
    • Before Show: 7 days before show, topdress 1/4 scoop (1/2oz.) Daily
    • At the Show: To inflate muscle cells and drop flank:
      Mixture: Add 2 scoops Refresh to 1 gallon of water, extract 120cc from that gallon and give to lamb. Loin should inflate and flank should drop within 3 minutes. If change is seen after 3 minutes, another 120cc may be given. This may be repeated after 2 hours
    • Weigh Backs: To get a “full look” with 1/2 the weight:
      When weighing back for a show, using Refresh you will only need 1/2 the liquid weight of Refresh to achieve the same results as with water (I.E. 1/2 gallon of refresh mixture = 1 gallon of water)
    • Prior to Show: Start topdressing 2 weeks prior to show (1 scoop per feeding).
    • At the Show: Add 8oz. (4 scoops) per gallon of water and use this mixture each time you water.
    • Summer Season: To reduce the effect of the summer heat and keep them fresh throughout the season, give a bucket of Refresh (8 oz. per gallon) once a day. For picky eaters, topdressing will help increase appetite.

Available in 5 lbs. and 10 lbs. pails.

• $55.00/5 lbs
• $100.00/10 lbs
• Call for dealer pricing.

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